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What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Facilities Manager

What is a facility manager?

The facility manager, or facility director, has the essential role of ensuring the proper management of all the services attached to a site. Concretely, this means that the facility manager works to set up a working environment that meets the needs of employees, while ensuring proper compliance with health and safety standards, cost control and optimization of the quality of the services provided.

Facility Manager salary

What salary and how much does a facility manager earn?

The remuneration varies depending on various factors such as the size of the company for which the facility manager works, or the level of qualification of the latter. On average, the gross annual salary of a facility management manager is between $84,964 and $113,381.

Facility Manager job

Why and how to work as a facility manager?


  • Well paid job.
  • Diversity of the tasks to be accomplished banishes any monotony.
  • Significant autonomy regarding the organization and planning of activities.


  • The maintenance work to which the facility manager is sometimes obliged
  • Travel frequently in case of multiple locations.
  • A demanding job with many responsibilities that can generate stress and pressure for the facility management manager.

Qualities and skills needed

What are the qualities and skills needed to be hired as a facility manager?

The profession of facility management manager requires first of all to possess a certain amount of technical knowledge relating to the management of work environments.

Thus, maintenance and upkeep of buildings, establishment and monitoring of the budget, mastery of issues inherent to safety and the environment, but also management skills, appear to be all essential qualities for the proper exercise of the profession.

A facility manager must also demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills; communication with all employees but also negotiation with many stakeholders who are in fact an integral part of his work.

Finally, he is subject to a multitude of tasks for which, in addition, the responsibility often falls to him, the facility management manager must also be dynamic and reactive in order to deal with any possible problem with diligence.

Education and Training

What training and how to become a facility manager?

Several diplomas allow access to the profession of facility management manager:

Holders of a master's degree specializing in facility management are particularly appreciated by employers. The same is true for executives graduating from engineering or architecture schools. Certifications are also appreciated :

Possible evolutions for a facility manager

Where to go after a career as a facility manager? What to do after facility management ?

After having proven himself in the profession, a facility manager can be promoted to multi-site manager in facility management or even real estate director.